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Create attractive and easy-to-maintain spaces with our variety of wall tiles.

Wall Tiles in Concord, North CarolinaWall tiles are a great way to give a space distinction and style while also adding an element of versatility and care. Whether you are a home or a business owner in the Concord, North Carolina area, adding wall tiles to an existing or new space is nearly always a smart choice. Here at Everson Flooring, we offer a wide variety of wall tiles that can enhance your space, and we would love to show you the variety and choices waiting for you in our showroom.

When you choose wall tiles for your kitchen, bathrooms or other spaces, then you are choosing a material that is not just durable, but also affordable. Wall tiles can be made from easily replicated materials such as ceramic or porcelain. These types of wall tiles can be produced relatively easily and inexpensively, depending on the style and pattern. This allows our clients to select materials that are going to give their space style while also keeping the costs affordable.

As for durability, there are few materials that beat tile in terms of withstanding frequent use and cleaning! Because the majority of wall tiles are sealed, they can be cleaned with all sorts of materials without worry of fading or damage. Additionally, they withstand frequent cleaning, heat, moisture and more on a regular basis without fading or wearing. If you have a high-use area, then wall tiles are a great way to keep the space clean without worry.

Working with our team is a great choice if you are looking for wall tiles and/or floor tiles. Since we have Lacticrete Certification for Tile and Stone Installation Technology along with Lead Certified, our customers can count on us for quality products and installation. For more information regarding wall tiles, please contact us today.


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